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Taking Care of your Body as a Fitness Trainer

When you are teaching muitlpe fitness classes over a few weeks and months, one thing many of us tend to forget it to take care of our bodies.

We need to rest and detach from our classes and let our bodies heal. By overlong working your body, which is your money making tools, it will cause damage.

Damage can be long term or short term or require surgery.


Here are some great tips to recover your body to ensure you have a long and health fitness career.

1).Get a Massage

You can visit a spa. Contract a specialized masseuse to come to your home.

A great place to get deals. Groupon. There are always specials listed.

Excellent source for discounts and deal in or around your area.

2) Take 1-2 Days Off

Relax at home, do nothing let your body heal itself. Purchase some heating pads and relax while drinking some home made green tea ☕️.

I tend to cancel the last week of class to allow my body to recover as well as prepare for the next months specials and promotions.

3) Purchase Some Compression Garments

Personally I use Tommie Copper, they are magic. I have some that I wear in the house, to sleep, & to train in.

What I found was my muscle are not as tight and tense as they would normally feel after a training session.

In July I did an 8 hour Strong by Zumba training and had to teach a Private Twerkout party right afterward, YIKES.

My tommie Copper gear made the difference, I was still little sore but I was able to move and execute the class without any problems.

If you in fitness, buy some Tommie Copper Gear.

Check out this link for a discount code, and order from the sales section to save even more money. 💰

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