Program starts January 2018

Do you have a goal of losing weight and transforming your body in time for the Summer? Are you looking to be snatched by July? I want to help 30 people lose up to 25 lbs in the next 90 days with our small group training. 

I tailored a 90 Day program to whip you into shape & get SNATCHED. We are going to have new exciting workouts for you every month. I want to help you create a workout and meal plan to melt the fat so you can reach your desired fitness goals. Ready to invest in yourself? If you're prepared register today.

Specialized Bundle Program that offers:

*Meal Plan

*Recipes / Cookbook

*Food Journal

*In person & online support

*In person training 2 times a week. 

*Bi-Weekly weigh in

*Initial assessments and measurements

*Private Facebook Community

* & More

*Extra Bonus:

Free online fitness workouts to do at home, 

Participant with the best transformation wins $100 CASH!!