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Sunday, October 15th 2023 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm




You Must Cancel Online the Same Way You Signed Up 12 Hours Before Class Starts.

No REFUNDS are offered for NO SHOW or Late Cancellations.


MISSION  STATEMENT: To help every day working women & stay at home moms achieve the ultimate goal of  better self confidence, self-assurance, and increase self image through mastering sensual seductive body movements.





Our Sensual Seduction Heels workshop is designed as an alternative option for working out. With the slow, sexy moves, you will feel the after-burn in your muscles hours after class. 


It takes a lot of control, and concentration to move slow, make your movements look good while trying to seduce your views aka partners at the same time. 



Plus it's a great way to spice things up in any relationship, now of in the future. 
The objective is to teach any individual how to become comfortable in their own skin, proud of their body type, and use their ASSETS in a way that will bring all eyes on them just with the energy they give off.

Becoming sensual is a mindset, so we focus on helping to change the way you think, act, and react to situations to increase your overall confidence level.

These classes are not for the shy people, we may offer drinks.. who knows.. :)






With Sexylettos aka 50 Shades of Twerking is going down: 


We're talking all the bedroom sex songs, freak nasty, sensual moves, and routines will be taught. ALL IN HEELS.

Ginuwine: Pony
Silk: Meeting in my bedroom
Dru Hil
Just to name a few


I'm pulling out all my secrets moves and more that I've used to attract all the FINE MEN back in the days and now...

Book your spot ASAP, we will sell out. 


Normal Rate: $25

Heels (ankle support or knee-length boots)
Fishnets, Knee Pads, leggings, or shorts, bodysuits, Tank tops or fitted t-shirts. (grown and sexy)


Sexylettos - 10_27_18.jpg
Copy of Valentines Day Themed Event (1).

Workshop will go over


-Technique ( chair, floor, wall )


-Sex Appeal

Participants will experience

-Movements in both heels & sneakers 
understanding on how to twerk
-Muscle toning & sculpting

-Increased Stamina
-Increased Flexibility




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