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When You Have to Call Out Your Stalker on Dr. Phil

Vixen Workout Janet Jones on Dr. Phil Show For Slander, Stalking and Cyber Bullying a Customer She scammed out of $5k
Janet Jones just refused to leave people alone, her cyberbullying, lies, and three years of attacks and stalking almost drove our staff members to suicide. 
Janet Jones Recruits Her Customers, Social Media Followers, Family and Freinds aka The #VixenArmy to stalk our employees, and business partners, 
Harass them via social media, email, and phone.
Abusing her social media influence to recruit people to attack our company on her behalf since 2015.
As well as made death threats to scare customers out of filing a lawsuit for fraud.
As of January 9th 2018 Janet Jones and Company started the stalking and
harassment again. Every day she tracked where we held classed with an attempt to assault our employees and harass the studio owners and staff..
Janet Jones was told NUMEROUS times to stop calling and contacting the studio and refused. Her dangerous obsession has put children's LIVES at risk.
Please Click Here For Proof of Janet Jones Cyberstalking.
Website Visit.
On January 19th & 20th 2018 Janet Jones was served a cease to desist notice to stop her harassment and staking otherwise a lawsuit will be filed as well as police enforcement will be involved.
Janet Jones PASSIONATELY tried numerous attempts to try to shut down our business as well as trigger a negative response our of us and failed 
Janet Jones Wrote a blog on January 20th, 2018 with false statements against our staff and business because her harassment of our studio partners & employees didn't stop us from holding classes. 
There was nothing she can do but post very SERIOUS and DANGEROUS accusations to try convenience people NOT to do business with us just to fulfill her personal vendetta she has with one of our instructors.
Currently, As of 2018 a Lawsuit is being filed against Janet Jones and Company Vixen Workout for damages caused, fraud, slander and harrassment.
This lawsuit and charges will include all parties that participated. Including certified instructors, employees of vixen workout both in NYC and Florida, family, PR agents and Vixen Workout Corporation and Janet Jones.
We take things like this very seriously.
This OBSESSION Janet Jones has against our employees is DANGEROUS and have created a safety issue which is currently being handled by the police in both Miami Florida and New York City.
Vixen Workout has been paid money for the rights to teach this fitness program.
If the business changed their minds, a simple conversation needed to happen with an agreement to refund all profits made.
But instead, bully and mob tactic were executed under Janet Jone's command to scare people out of business and keep the money.
Our Company refused to be bullied out of our money, taken advantaged of or accept any form of extortion. 
Asking amount in the lawsuit is an upwards of $10 MILLION Dollars in Damages, Slander, Harrassment, & stalking. Online & Offline.
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